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Our Policies

Legal Compliance
Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements for our employees

Maximum Guest Satisfaction
All our activities; To create product and service standards by including the requirements of management systems, to ensure the continuity and sustainability of the management quality standards established in the principle of maximum guest satisfaction.

Employee Participation
Providing the awareness of the management systems in practice with intermittent trainings and ensuring the participation of the employees in the management

Effective Use of Our Natural Resources
To prevent environmental pollution and to create sustainability by ensuring the effective and controlled consumption of our natural and main resources.

Ensuring a Healthy and Safe Working Environment
To create a safe environment for our staff, visitors and guests by adhering to the Occupational Safety and Health system. To prevent injuries and similar health problems.

To constantly observe guest satisfaction, safe working environment and the effects we give to the environment and make the necessary improvement according to the results.

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